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A close-up of a vibrant mahi-mahi's head, showcasing its striking colors and details, emphasizes the allure of "Unforgettable Fishing Trips in the Florida Keys with Fish Daily Charters". This image captures the beauty and excitement of fishing in the pristine waters of the Florida Keys with Fish Daily Charters.

Unforgettable Fishing Trips In
The Florida Keys

Let’s keep it reel — sport fishing can be the excursion of a lifetime, and the waters of the Florida Keys offer some of the best charter fishing anywhere. But with so many options, it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s where Fish Daily Fishing Charters has you covered with our private charters in Key West! When you board our boat, the Heavy Hitter, our experienced captain and crew will take you to the best local spots for catching fish and provide the tools and guidance you need to have a great key west fishing experience, whether your goal is to land the big one or just soak up the sun. For the best private charters in the Gulf, look no further!

What we offer on our private charters in key west

Fish Daily Fishing Charters provides a variety of guided fishing trips for all skill levels. Our boat is equipped for reef fishing and well as offshore trolling, and we offer specialized charters going after large local game fish such as tarpon, sailfish, swordfish, and shark.

Book a extended private fishing charter to the nearby Dry Tortugas for a more private fishing experience, or embark on one of our Sunset Tours for lifelong memories of a tropical Florida evening. Take a look below to see which charter is right for you!

All necessary fishing licenses are included in our private Key West fishing charters to ensure a hassle-free experience for families and groups.

A stylized pie chart graphic with a gradient from yellow to pink depicting the warmth and excitement of a sunlit half-day fishing charter in Key West, symbolizing the vibrant experience of fishing charters Key West.

1/2 Day Charters

Our 4-hour deep sea fishing charters are the perfect introduction to the excitement of Key West deep sea fishing in a family-friendly format. These private fishing trips offer a fantastic way for families to experience the thrill of fishing without committing to a full day at sea.

This family-friendly Key West fishing trip is an excellent opportunity for parents and children alike to engage in the magic of Key West deep sea fishing, with spacious boats and amenities designed to ensure everyone has a great time.
A pie chart icon with three-fourths filled in with a warm gradient transitioning from yellow to pink, symbolizing the longer duration of a 3/4 day deep sea fishing charter in Key West.

3/4 Day Charters

Our 6-hour private Key West fishing charters are the ideal mix of thrill and tranquility, perfect for anyone eager to experience deep sea fishing in Key West. With abundant marine life, these fishing charters in Key West allow ample time to target a diverse range of species.

Whether you're new to angling or have extensive experience, our private charters in key West fishing in Key West provides an exceptional opportunity to engage with the area's vibrant sea life.
A vibrant full circle gradient from yellow to pink, representing the complete and fulfilling experience of a full-day fishing charter Key West, inviting anglers for a day packed with sun and sport.

Full-Day Charters

Our 8-hour deep sea fishing charters are made for those looking for a great fishing trip loaded with epic catches. One our private charters Key West, you will have the whole day to reel in anything from guppies to groupers, our crew will give you the tips and guidance you need for catching the fish you are after.
A graphic of a stylized sun setting over wavy lines, blending warm hues of yellow, orange, and pink, evoking the serene and picturesque atmosphere of a Key West sunset cruise.

Sunset Cruises

At Fish Daily Charters, it's not always about catching fish; when the sun sets, the magic of the Florida Keys truly comes alive. Let us sail you around as you soak in the last rays of the day and admire crystal-clear waters teeming with dolphins, rays, turtles, and other tropical sea life.

Our Specialty Trips

Fish Daily Charters provides Specialty private fishing trips for those looking to experience the very best key west fishing charters. Under the guidance of our experienced captain and first mate, we utilize the daily Key West fishing report and years of local expertise to take you to where the big ones are. Participating or spectating in the Key West Marlin Tournament is an exciting aspect of the fishing experience offered, showcasing the competitive spirit of fishing in Key West.

Two men on a boat proudly displaying a large sailfish caught during one of the premier fishing charters in Key West, showcasing the excitement and success of deep-sea angling adventures in the area. Marlin Fishing.

Sailfish Fishing Charters

The fastest fish in the ocean, the Sailfish is a legendary game fish sought after by anglers from all over the world. Known for its incredible stamina and spectacular leaps, this is a fighting fish that will test your nerves.

two cheerful fishermen hold a large shark aboard their boat, highlighting the thrill of key west deep sea fishing, under a clear blue sky.

Shark Fishing Charters

Our sustainable shark fishing techniques lets us cast for local species such as hammerhead and bull shark, which make for formidable game fish and impressive trophies. Let us help you experience the rush of taking on a top predator in its natural habitat.

Two individuals on a boat proudly hold a majestic swordfish caught on a Key West fishing charter, capturing the essence of sport fishing in the open sea.

Swordfish Fishing Charters

Our waters are home to the mighty swordfish, which roams the deep waters of the Gulf in search of prey. Our crew will guide you to their feeding grounds and help you land this ferocious and feisty predator, an icon of offshore fishing the world over. 

Two fishermen in sunglasses and caps are seen smiling beside a large tarpon at sunset, illustrating the rewarding experience of tarpon fishing in Key West.

Tarpon Fishing Charters

Atlantic tarpon, the largest fish found locally, are plentiful in our waters year-round. These powerful, acrobatic behemoths put up a legendary fight, testing the skill and strength of any angler. Witness their spectacular aerial displays and feel their raw power surge through your line. But the thrill of conquering ‘the silver king’ is an unforgettable reward.

A shrimp boat navigates the lively Gulf waters off Key West, capturing the essence of an exclusive private charter dedicated to deep-water wreck and shrimp boat tailing fishing in Key West, where anglers can expect to reel in a variety of species.

Shrimp Boat Charters

The thrill of casting your line near one of Key West’s many shrimp boats as they haul in a net full of fresh Gulf shrimp, as large predatory fish, dolphins, and seabirds swirl around your boat, is an unparalleled fishing opportunity. The abundance of sea life gathering around these boats means an opportunity to land anything from the sleek king mackerel to the enormous goliath grouper.

An aerial view of the historic Fort Jefferson surrounded by the stunning turquoise waters of the Dry Tortugas, where charter fishing Key West offers an exceptional experience in this remote and pristine environment.

Dry Tortugas Fishing Charter

Located 70 miles east of our home base, the Dry Tortugas are a haven for reef fishing enthusiasts and offshore anglers alike. Our Dry Tortugas fishing charter offers a more private and less populated adventure, perfect retreat for those looking to land a trophy fish, or simply take in the impressive beauty of Fort Jefferson, a Civil War-era fortress and the largest brick masonry structure in the Americas.

A little about us

Captain John smiling on a boat holds a large, shimmering Pompano fish with the clear blue sea behind him, captured on one of the best fishing charters in Key West, with another person in the background admiring the catch. Key West Permit Fishing Charters​

About Our Captain

Captain John is a 5th generation native (Conch) born and raised in Key West, and a 2nd generation firefighter. After a lifetime of fishing as a hobby, John became a professional captain in 2008 and has been running charters ever since. Captain John says the best part of being a skipper is spending time with people, and is dedicated to sharing his passion of fishing with anyone who sets foot aboard his boat for a private charter in key west .

Fish Daily charters' boat. A modern, sleek fishing charter boat docked in the clear turquoise waters of Key West, ready for guests to embark on their sea adventure with the top-rated Key West charters.

About our boat

The Heavy Hitter is a Coast Guard inspected, fully equipped, custom 2015 34' LOA Contender center console. Outfitted with twin Yamaha 300 outboard engines with a 500 mile range and a top speed of 44 knots, and with an onboard Simrad radar, fishfinder, GPS, and VHF radio, this boat is ideal for fishing in Key West. 110 gallons worth of live well space ensures your catch stays fresh no matter the size, and our vessel comfortably carries up to 6 passengers and crew.

A map showcasing the location of Fish Daily Charters along the waterfront in Key West, FL, indicating a prime spot for starting a fishing adventure with one of the premier fishing charters Key West, FL.

About Our Key West, Florida Location

Fish Daily Fishing Charters is based out of beautiful Stock Island, Florida, on the westernmost tip of the Florida Keys. A three-hour drive from Miami puts you in the heart of Caribbean paradise and some of the greatest offshore fishing grounds on Earth. Numerous hotels and resorts near our marina ensure you a place to stay a convenient drive or walk from us.


Our Key West Fishing Charters reviews

Mark Burk Jr.
Mark Burk Jr.
Boatload of fish John and Steven are the best around Key West. Been out with lots of people and these are guys are the best I have seen.
Look No Further! Captain John is the Man of the Keys! Been chasing a bull shark for 12 years, several guides and thousands of dollars. Captain John made it happen. Exceptional customer service and knowledge. If you're looking to make your dream catch happen hes just the man to do it! *****
Jeff S
Jeff S
You will NOT be disappointed What a great couple days of fishing. We are from Wisconsin and fish charters quite often. John is knowledgeable, catches fish, and just a fun guy to be around. We caught our limit of snapper and some yellow tail and the next day we did some sport fishing and caught a tarpon!! Thanks John, we will be back.
Dave G
Dave G
Fantastic Fishing!! We were struggling to find a charter we could trust. Some of the websites wanted us to give them our credit card and then they would tell us, after we paid, who our Captain was! Finally someone we trusted said go with John and they were right. He's professional, he put us on fish, he limited the catch to preserve the future which is a rare quality in Charter Captains these days, and he gave us all two great days on the water. I cannot recommend him strongly enough. We're definitely coming back.
Racheal W
Racheal W
Fantastically Memorable!! We had a fantastic time fishing with Captain John! He and his first mate, Blake, went out of their way to try and help us catch as many fish as possible! They were knowledgeable and a LOT of fun! The only recommendation we have is to make sure you book either a 6-hour or full day charter. You will NOT regret it!! We say 5+ stars!!!
James V
James V
Phenomenal trip Communication was great, John wasn’t able to take us out because his wife and he were having a baby (congratulations) but John called his partner Zack to take us out on Sunday because weather was horrible Saturday. Zack was waiting on us at the dock we loaded our items and away we went. My wife and I fish more than most people so we were no strangers to being on the water, but we have never caught what we were searching for, Zack assured us that he would try his best to find our species. Sure enough we followed the birds offshore and by the grace of Fish Gods we spotted i floating log!!!!!! That was the blessing that captain Zack was searching for!!! Zack set out our trolling rigs and with in minutes they were hooked up and my wife had caught her first ever mahi dolphin!!! After that we caught fish after fish and I even caught the biggest Mahi of the year on this boat a 15lber😱. We headed in and captain Zack had our dolphin all cleaned in bags and on ice! Captain Zack is a hard core true captain that works his tail off for his clients! I highly recommend these guys for your boating experience.
Amanda C
Amanda C
Great Experience! Great way to experience several different types of fishing while in Key West. Guide is very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!
"Top Notch!" Top Notch.....professional, experienced, knowledgeable... Capt John and 1st Mate Steve, made the trip! I think even if we didn't catch a mountain of fish (Bull Shark's, Mutton's, Barracuda's, Mahi-mahi's, Spade's, a ton of bait-fish, oh and an Moray eel) the trip would have been a success. At one point myself and all three of my Boy's where reeling in Mahi-mahi. Thanks for the memories guy's cant wait to do it again!
Eric C
Eric C
Great time, great crew My friends and I really enjoyed our fishing trip! Captain John and Steve were fun, professional and very happy to help make sure our trip was memorable and exciting. We hit up a few different spots and tried several fishing styles. We caught plenty of fish and had a truly wonderful experience. Highly recommend
Johnny H
Johnny H
Amazing time ! Captain John and his first mate were absolutely amazing. Super knowledgeable and made my first deep sea fishing trip truly something to remember. Caught a ton of dolphin and had a great time. I will definitely plan another trip and would highly recommend him to everyone.

Key West Fishing Seasons​

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When fishing in Key West in January, you can expect the weather to be cool and comfortable; 70s days, 50s nights; but fishing Key West in January also means cold fronts and possible rainstorms; a change of warm clothes is recommended!

What you can expect to catch on your Key West January fishing trip:

  • Deep Sea: Sailfish, Wahoo
  • Inshore: Permit, Bonito
  • Flats: Spotted Seatrout, Mangrove Snapper
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Key West fishing in February means high 70s days and low 60s nights; cloudy days but not much rainfall; Flats become active as predators head upriver looking for prey; tarpon may appear in warmer waters. Fishing in Key West in February can be very rewarding!

What you can expect to catch with Key West February fishing:

  • Deep Sea: Sailfish, Bluefish
  • Inshore: Mutton, Cobia
  • Flats: Permit, Barracuda
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March fishing in Key West sees 80s during the day and high 60s at night; spring storms can develop; increasing water clarity; many iconic game fish begin arriving on their annual migrations. Fishing in Key West in March is when things start to really heat up!

What you can expect to catch during a March trip in Key West:

  • Deep Sea: Spanish Mackerel, Sailfish
  • Inshore: Blackfin Tuna, Kingfish
  • Flats: Permit, Mutton
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Fishing in Key West in April means high 80s in the day, 70s at night; tarpon fishing season hits its peak; windy conditions possible; fishing is excellent as many species gather both close to shore and out at sea.

What you can expect to catch on your April Key West fishing trip:

  • Deep Sea: Wahoo, Sailfish
  • Inshore: Permit, Shark (various)
  • Flats: Tarpon, Bonefish
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Summer weather abounds while fishing in Key West in May; high 80s in the day and 70s at night; calm and glassy waters but storms are still possible; grouper season begins; this is generally regarded as the best time of year to fish these waters!

What you can expect to catch fishing Key West in May:

  • Deep Sea: Mahi Mahi
  • Inshore: Grouper (various), Mutton
  • Flats: Tarpon, Sharks (various)
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Rain becomes more likely while fishing Key West in June; high 80s during the day and 70s at night; this is a popular time for family vacations; water clarity becomes excellent; spawning season means high likelihood of a bite.

What you can expect to catch fishing in Key West in June:

  • Deep Sea: Wahoo, Mahi Mahi
  • Inshore: Snapper (various), Cobia
  • Flats: Tarpon, Permit
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July fishing in Key West is peak summer; 90s during the day, 80s at night; storms still possible; this is a popular time for fishing tournaments; some large species begin migrating away but others, like groupers, are spawning.

What you can expect to catch fishing in July in Key West:

  • Deep Sea: Marlin, Sailfish
  • Inshore: Groupers, Snapper (various)
  • Flats: Bonefish, Permit
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Summer weather continues when fishing Key West in August; high 90s during the day, 80s at night; spiny lobster season begins; tourism slows down; excellent water clarity; many large fish are still lingering before their migration.

What you can expect to catch fishing in Key West in August:

  • Deep Sea: Swordfish, Marlin
  • Inshore: Hogfish, Sharks (various)
  • Flats: Bonefish, Permit
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Temps cool down when fishing Key West in September; high 80s during the day, 70s at night; slower tourism means better chances of a bite; most large species have migrated but some remain to feed in isolated areas.

What you can expect to catch fishing in Key West in September:

  • Deep Sea: Blackfin Tuna, Marlin
  • Inshore: Grouper, Snapper(various)
  • Flats: Redfish, Permit
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During October in Key West, temps continue to fall; low 80s during the day and 70s at night; fish begin moving towards shore to stay warm; slow tourism means less competition; open seas can vary between easy and rough.

What you can expect to catch fishing in Key West in October:

  • Deep Sea: Swordfish, Wahoo
  • Inshore: Jack Crevalle, Snappers (various)
  • Flats: Permit, Bonefish
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When fishing in Key West in November, expect mild temps during the day, 70s during the day and 60s at night; rain generally lessens but rough weather still possible; many fish species head inshore for warmth; sailfish begin arriving locally.

What you can expect to catch fishing Key West in November:

  • Deep Sea: Wahoo, Sailfish
  • Inshore: Blackfin Tuna, Grouper (various)
  • Flats: Spotted Seatrout, Barracuda
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Key West December fishing means temps stay in the 70s and 60s at night; storm season mostly over; last month of grouper season; sailfish activity increases; holiday seasons are busy, so early booking is recommended, but Fishing in Key West in December can be worth it!

What you can expect to catch fishing Key West in December:

  • Deep Sea: Sailfish, Wahoo
  • Inshore: Cobia, Sharks (various)
  • Flats: Permit, Redfish

What Can You Expect To Catch On Your private
Key West Fishing Charter!

 On our private charters in Key West, guests can enjoy light tackle fishing for species like Grouper, Mutton Snapper, and Yellowtail Snapper, and Blackfin Tuna, and pursue Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon on light tackle in the Backcountry Flats. We also provide high-quality light tackle gear for a diverse fishing experience. Fish Daily Charters practices sustainable fishing for future generations of Key West Fl. The Gulf is home to an incredible array of species able to be taken on rod and reel, ranging from the blue fish of the open ocean to mangrove snapper closer to shore. Visit our Specialty Tours page to see all the great key west fishing trips we offer.

What To Bring On Your Private Charters Key West

Fish Daily Fishing Charters provides all licenses, permits, bait and equipment necessary for our guests to enjoy a great fishing trip. Life jackets are provided by the crew. You are welcome to bring snacks and beverages on our boat. (NO GLASS BOTTLES PLEASE)


Even on cloudy days, Florida's UV Index is high. Protect your skin with a sunscreen recommended SPF30 or higher.


Out on the water, glare can be intense. Good UV resistant shades are a must.

Comfortable Clothing

we recommend bringing non-slip shoes and a long sleeve shirt, even on warmer days.


A fisherman's best protection from the sun's rays.


To show your landlubbin' friends back home all the fun they're missing!

Choose Our private charters key west

At Fish Daily Charters, we believe that your private key west fishing trip is not just a boat ride, but a foundation for an unforgettable journey into some of the most beautiful seascapes to be found anywhere. Our deep passion for the Florida Keys and its surrounding waters has led us to dedicate ourselves to sharing that magic with others. We pride ourselves in creating incredible fishing opportunities for seasoned veterans and eager new anglers alike, to enjoy the ultimate Florida keys fishing experience.
A beaming fisherman wearing a cap and sunglasses on a sunny day, proudly holding up a large, impressive catch on a boat, representing the successful outings led by Key West fishing guides.

Pro Guides

Captain John and the team know Key West’s waters like the back of their hand, promising top fishing spots for the best catches.

Premium Equipment

Our charters are kitted out with the latest in fishing gear, giving you a real edge in reeling in those big fish.

Custom Adventures

Looking for relaxation or excitement? We personalize your fishing experience to match what you're after.

Eco-Conscious Fishing

We're committed to the ocean's health, practicing sustainable fishing to protect our marine ecosystem.

First-Class Service

Expect smooth sailing from booking to boarding. We’re all about making your Private fishing trip hassle-free and fantastic.

Safety Always

With the latest safety gear and trained crew, we ensure a safe environment for all our guests.

Family Fun

Our Key West private fishing charters are designed to be enjoyable and educational for both kids and adults, making for perfect family outings.

Local Connections

We’ve teamed up with local businesses to make your trip even better, from places to stay to spots for dining on your catch.

Your Key West Private fishing Adventure Begins Here

Are you ready for an unforgettable trek into the pristine waters of the Caribbean with the friendliest crew of salty dogs to be found? Ready to reel in some of the biggest, baddest fish in the world under the guidance of seasoned pros?

Then what are you waiting for! Your one-stop private fishing charter destination is here at Fish Daily Charters. Drop us an email at or call us at (786) 983-6503 and set up a charter today.

Reach Out To Book Your Charter!
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Yes, any fish caught in accordance with local laws will be professionally cleaned, filleted, and bagged by our crew, free of charge.